From Eliza to Eugene: Approaching Fifty Years of Dialogue Agents
Huma Shah
(AINL Conference 2013: Artificial Intelligence and natural language)
Commercial use of mobile assistants
Egor Naumov
(AINL Conference 2013: Artificial Intelligence and natural language)



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10.06.2014 19:24

AI-based Chatterbot Developed by i-Free is First in World to Pass Turing Test

The program is composed of a knowledge base with about three thousand phrase recognition patterns that uses varying methods for holding a conversation and successfully imitating a human being.
29.05.2014 19:39

i-Free co-organizes AINL 2014: The Third Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Conference

The format of the event combines the best aspects of a trade show with a scientific conference. Much of the time will be allocated to  interactive formats, such as poster and demo sessions, where participants will be able to discuss their work with those interested...
02.04.2014 15:08

i-Free Hits Top 10 on the Forbes list of Russian Internet companies

i-Free was ranked sixth by Forbes magazine in the list of top Russian companies whose business is primarily Internet-oriented. Companies were ranked according to their total 2013 revenue.

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  • Pocket Blonde

    Blondie in Your Pocket is a charming girl residing in your phone!


    Listick is a beautiful and easy-to-use grocery shopping list built to make shopping fast and enjoyable.


    One-screen overview of all your finances – income sources, accounts, expense categories & financial goals.


The event was merry, exciting and with a huge number of participants. Our colleagues from the Ukraine and Kazakhstan came specially for the Health Day.
This was the motto of the IT Russia Cup 2013 which took place on June 16 in St Petersburg. Surely, the i-Free corporate football team could not stay away from the event.
Family Day is a unique opportunity for the i-Free people to spend time both in a circle of family and with their dearest colleagues. On the other hand, for the friends and families it is an opportunity to get to know about i-Free and people who work there.

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The infographic below from Product Development Technologies shows that evolution through major product lines and pop culture.
Bio-mimetic microprojectors that have been modeled along the compound eyes of insects will soon find their way into phones and make a radical difference in the way...

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