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Huma Shah
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NFC (Near field communication) is a wireless technology that connects at a short distance (3-5 centimeters) and allows the exchange of data between mobile phones, smart-cards, payment terminals and other devices.

Compared to other no-touch technology, such as Bluetooth and RFID, NFC has some important advantages such as a faster link-up and higher security than Bluetooth and a wider range of functional abilities than RFID.

Spheres of application

NFC technology has huge potential and could be used in a variety of spheres: retail, education and medicine:

  • non-cash payments;
  • public transport;
  • loyalty programs;
  • execution control systems and time account;
  • identification and access control systems;
  • interactive info-stands and smart posters;
  • social services.

i-Free`s experience and competences

In 2008 i-Free created a separate department carrying out its own solutions and products on the NFC basis. At the moment the company has a unique team of experts and IT specialists with a wide range of experience in the realization of pilot and commercial projects in the field of NFC.

i-Free company is one of the first in the Western Europe to have started its research activities in the field of NFC technology in 2007. The company has always supported all initiatives which aimed to develop and mature the NFC market. In 2010 i-Free was the first Russian company invited by the NFC Forum to join this international organization.

Today we carry out projects in the following fields:

  • development and promotion of unique full packaged products;
  • realization of the complex NFC-based projects over an existing infrastructure;
  • marketing BTL campaigns;
  • consulting in the sphere of NFC-technologies.

Our partners

Among our partners are the world leaders in the hi-tech market, who today are actively taking part in the development and the implementation of NFC-technology, such as NXP, Samsung, MasterCard, Nokia, Philips, HTC, VivoTech, FeliCa (Sony), DeviceFidelity, etc.

NFC opens huge prospects for the creation of new products and services. Convenient, intuitively clear services on the basis of NFC can really improve the life of millions people all over the world.

More about NFC technology can be found at web site:

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