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What if there is no suitable job for the moment?

Send us your CV, and we will give it consideration. As soon as there is a job opportunity that suits your skills and competencies, we will call you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at +7 812 438 16 78

In addition to an interesting job

Corporate meals (more than 10 restaurants and cafés near the office)

Mobile phone remuneration

Offices in the center of St. Petersburg (modern rooms, meeting rooms, shower cubicles, veloparking, roof decking with a scenic view)

Corporate events and holidays, sports activities

Flexible working hours

Gifts from the company

Open and democratic atmosphere (no dress code, average age of employees is 29 years, everyone is on first name terms with each other)

Laptops and mobile devices allow you to bring your working place with you wherever you are :))

To learn more about our company, please refer to our New Employee Handbook
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We appreciate openness. We take our colleagues' words - no papers, no signatures. A word or an email is a good reason for action.

Initiative and development

We encourage our staff to search for new ways of solving problems. i-Free offers an opportunity to implement the wildest ideas.


You are responsible for the job that you have taken on. No one controls your work; the main thing is to do it on time..

Mutual Support

Don't be afraid of seek help, advice, or support from your colleagues. General success relies on everyone's individual success.


You are part of the team because we appreciate your originality and freedom of choice.


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