Travels i-Free: Kirovsk – power place!

«Kirovsk is a mixture of recklessness, entertainments and constant pleasure! – in this way the participants of annual may travel to the North of the Arctic Circle commented their travel. This travel has already become traditional. Every spring 50-60 lovers of ski recreation from i-Free go to Kirovsk, and tickets are bought by carriages sensu stricto : ))              



One of the brightest impressions of our lovers of winter extreme – dances in a night «disco-carriage» on the way there: a half of the carriage contrived to be located in one compartment, turned off the light, glowing screens of mobile phones were instead of son et lumière, and «this all» on the wheels was rushing to the North of the Arctic Circle cutting a night!

Everything was surprising, unusual and new for that people who were to Kirovsk during their first time. For example, how low cars drive on the huge ruts of stone-and-ice medley. Or that view that majority of houses in Kirovsk have absolutely equal designing, and carpets do not differ too much.

But in every room there is a TV set with a lot of channels (maybe in order to pass the long polar night would be more cheerful).


And also everybody remembered splendid plates of Kirovsk

From year to year lovers of ski recreation from i-Free also go back to Kirovsk in order to enjoy view of boundless snowfields from the top of the mountain «Vudiyavr»: Such a feeling that the whole world kneeled in front of you and waits for your instructions! Request what you want! Do what you want! Go ahead! You can achieve everything you want. A wonderful feeling!

A lot of guys were surprised by the fact that somewhere in the North of the Arctic Circle can be snow and heat simultaneously. All our travelers came back from Kirovsk with typical ski tan of «Mickey Mouse». : ))

One lover of ski recreation from i-Free said that Kirovsk is a place of Power. It stimulates and gives energy during the whole trip!


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