i-Free intranet newspaper is 3 years old!

Intranet newspaper comes out once in two weeks and everybody have got used to take news from the company and the colleagues life and also useful information from it long ago, many important and just interesting problems are discussed there. In fact, everything was started three years ago… Kirill Petrov – i-Free managing director – told us where this idea came from.

- Once we were taking Asian cruise on a large liner, where, besides us :), 2500 passengers were traveling. This large ship represents a floating town – there is a great infrastructure inside it.

A daily newspaper is issued there; each passenger can find it every morning beneath the cabin door. It contains the most important information about the coming day – whether conditions, where we are sailing, where we come to, what will be interesting in the next city. This newspaper was very useful for everybody, it was popular: only thanks to it the passengers understood what will happen on the ship, where we go to and how to plan the following day. So, when we have returned back home, I understood that our corporate newspaper should be very similar to the newspaper we had seen at the ship

The newspaper not only band people together, let everybody see that we are one team and one company, it also should give us the understanding of everything which will happen tomorrow and what plans we have for the nearest future, realize the sharing of knowledge inside the company, familiarize with the trends subdivisions and their work, tell about everything around us. Indeed, we are also a ship, in some respects, we hold the course to our goal, and there is a market with the competitors. Our sea is not slack at all :)


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