i-Free celebrates Health Day

The long-awaited Health Day was celebrated in style by i-Free.

Health Day is a traditional corporate holiday at i-Free, when all employees head out of town right after work for outdoor games and adventures in the woods. In the evening, everyone just relaxes and has a good time.

As always, this year’s Health Day was packed with outdoor fun and nocturnal adventure, but let’s start at the beginning…

The team-building started in the office a few days before the event. Our IT wizards had fashioned a special website where everyone signed up to join, but people were assigned to teams randomly.

Then each new team member was referred to their team page to discuss team tactics and solve a mini quest challenge, «Who’s the Captain.».

Come Friday, all the teams headed for the base in the woods, where they were welcomed by trained personnel.

i-Free staff had to deal with one challenge after another. The only thing in common was Cyberspace as all the challenges had something to do with computer or mobile games, movies, and so on.

Here are some:

This game took everyone back to their childhood as people tried themselves in the role of the wolf from what was probably the best known and most popular of the earliest Soviet portable electronic games with an LCD display.

The good old Pacman was great fun too, and came with the same familiar sounds and tiny but incredibly evil monsters.

i-Free staffers fled the monsters gleefully through the labyrinth, trying to score the maximum points.

There were all kinds of «shooters»:

This quest challenge probably looks very familiar to you:

As a young teenager, I was totally obsessed with Need for Speed. Only too well I remember the sleepless nights on the computer, liters of coffee, and that underground music.

It was not hot by any stretch, but some people still went swimming…

and flying…

By the end of the first chapter of the holiday, having tried themselves in the roles of an array of film and game characters, i-Free employees were ready for the final challenge: to become part of the company in a figurative way, by forming a «living logo»:

The «adventure» part was now over…

and a different, more self-evident kind of fun began!

We hope the next Health Day finds you all in good health!


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