i-Free Corporate Seminar 2010

i-Free hosts corporate seminars every year, and 2010 was no exception.

In the morning, all i-Free employees assembled in a large conference room to hear the exciting things that presenters for every business division had to say about the highlights of this year and plans for the future.

This year was the first time we broadcast the seminar live to Ukraine. Our colleagues in Kyiv saw it all, just like we did.

The division CEOs had a lot to tell :)

i-Free staff hanging on every word :)

And they had to work between presentations :)

At this year’s corporate seminar, the Russian i-Free staff were joined by their colleagues from China :)

No surprise there. It wasn’t all about highly intellectual presentations this year. Every department came up with its own show!

Everyone was happy with what they heard :)

And what they ate and drank during the coffee breaks :)


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