Corporate New Year's party

On Friday evening, 24th December i-Free staff have gone together to Corporate New Year's party.

This time we occupied the most part of rooms in the cozy country hotel "Aquamarine".

The fact that we were all together has added family warmth to this holiday!  :)

 Beautiful looking restaurant offering tasty food greeted us. :)


This New Year's party was especial We plungedinto theatmosphereofVenetian Carnival: Fanciful masks, bright suits, unusual images were everywhere.  :)


 The role-playing game became the main surprise of this evening. Before the beginning of the party participants have chosen gift packages in which they found a note to a "task". According to the task somebody was ought to play the pirate who should steal as much as possible girls, someone should became a priest and absolve the sins … Aristocrats, Don Juans, actresses had a good time on this Venetian carnival!


Everybody wrote «secret messages» …



 and mysteriously exchanged it with each other…


 And only in the end of the evening all intrigues and riddles were solved!


Real Venetian gifts and a storm of applause were waiting for winners.


 The company heads have summed up the results of successful for the company 2010 year and have wished all i-Free stuff Happy New Year.



People inspired by these speeches continued to have fun! :)

 Till the end of the party people continued behave themselves like their characters.





The next day on Saturday i-Free stuff went to the the Puhtolova Hill for ice skating, skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding.

I-Free offered entertainment for all tastes!






In the evening all returned to their homes, somebody decided to organise afterparty, but that's another story :)



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