Sushi Master Class

The recent Master Class was devoted to sushi preparation.
Report on the master class read here! :)

Sushi lessons have started with a theoretical part. Our expert in sushi Sasha Pozharova has prepared the presentation about main types of sushi and ingredients.

Organizers have worked wonderfully well. All necessary products were purchased in advance, and by the end of theoretical part rice already was at boiling stage. :)
So everyone jumped into action!

There were enough people desired to make rolls…

There is no getting rid of everybody who wants to taste delicious sushi!

Ingredients and time were enough! So even those people who initially were going to taste only, had possibility to make something of yourself.

Sushi-lovers who stayed up to the end were enjoyed the rest of rolls.

When you are making sushi together it’s entertainment, not just a meal preparation. All rolls and sushi were very tasty and their variety has forced the chief of «Planet Sushi» to think about hara-kiri… :)


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