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Summer is a time of active leisure and sporting activities. Of course, our life would not be enjoyable without a sports event. The football team at i-Free actively participates in the IV football tournament «United league». It is a traditional tournament amongst corporate teams in St.-Petersburg, but we are taking part in it for the first time.

The first step is always the hardest, but i-Free did it. The team is headed by captain Sergey Tarasov won against "Rajffajzenbank" 5-3.

The team members played heroically. Igor Gvozdikin even played with a hand injury.

At times the chances were equal…

sometimes it was hard.

The second match was much harder and the team had to sweat.

in spite of the goalkeeper Dima Sokolov’s excellent saves

the 2nd match ended in a drawn with one of the tournament leaders.

The results of tournament have shown that the team has a special style and, of course, a very good fighting spirit. We believe that very soon there will be new victories for i-Free.


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