Friendly greetings from i-Free-Ukraine

Some employees from St Petersburg often visit foreign offices while on work trips. Today we present the photo report from Kiev.

Some employees from St Petersburg often visit foreign offices while on work trips. Their stories and photo reports help us to imagine how our colleagues in other cities and countries live. Today we present the photo report from Kiev.

Let's start from the beginning, directly from the entrance. Here is the front door in Ofis.

This is an ancient building in the centre of Kiev on the Malopodvalnaya street where Alexey Turbin, hero of Mikhail Bulgakov's “The White Guard”, ran to while trying to escape the petlurovets.

House №10, where the office is located, also remembers those times. It was constructed in 1910 by the well known Kiev architect Charles Shiman.



The first person i-Free visitors meet is the office manager, Natasha; “a student, a sportswoman, a Komsomol member and, finally, simply a beauty”.  :)


Two steps away from Natasha's workplace are the offices of designers Denis and Myla. What serious people! Even in the photos it is obvious that design is not a toy for them. :)

The guys have a special hall of fame where the silliest advertising opuses are collected: announcements, labels and other texts. According to all of the staff reading and looking at these "masterpieces" improves their mood every time.

As we found out even super-heroes work at i-Free-Ukraine: for example, content-manager Andrey is the hero of the Super-Andrjusha comics. :)


And here is Galina the expert of the mobile marketing department. Galya is able to create not only bright soap bubbles but also very interesting and profitable projects. Mila, the mobile marketing manager, actively helps her in this work.

 At i-Free-Ukraine, as in i-Free generally, there is full freedom of choice. You can work practically anywhere, even at the kitchen. :) In this photo are Anna, an account-manager and Kostya, an expert in mobile applications.

In general at the Kiev office there are more women than men and all of them are very beautiful :)

Anya, Tanya and Sveta from the copyright department.

At the table is Alena the manager of interactive services. On the wall is a portrait of an unknown girl, who is dreaming of looking the same as Alena and of working at i-Free  :)

Do the job and take a break! Lena has just launched a new TV commercial. So now its possible to take a break for a half an hour.

But for php-programmer Yura his break is still to come.

And so in summing up, we note that it is rare for a person to reach the middle of Malopodvalnaya Street without stopping but the staff at i-Free Kiev do this every day. That is the meaning of motivation! :)


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