New Year 2012

i-Free`s Corporate New Year party took place at the end of December in the country hotel "Aquamarine" near St. Petersburg. More than 400 people from the company`s different offices gathered at the party!

The main theme of this New Year`s holiday was ​​"international spirit” as a reminder that the company works in many countries around the world. In the restaurant`s foyer i-Free staff were greeted by people in their national costumes.

A real photo studio was organized and everybody had a chance to have a picture taken with the "ambassadors” from other countries ...

…or just with each other :)

Then everybody sat down and raised the first toast to the outgoing year - 2011!

After the first toast there were greetings from management, the results of 2011 were presented, and the plans for the new year were announced as always they are ambitious and bold.

In 2011 i-Free celebrated its 10 years anniversary so the "oldest" company members received memorable rewards:

Gold badges (14-carat gold) were presented to the employees who had worked at the company for 6 years and silver for those who had worked there for 3 years:

The company's founders were pleasantly surprised to receive the badges gold, of course:

Another unexpected surprise were the video greetings from the foreign offices!









Congratulations and rewards were intermixed with entertaining performances and as usual they were bright and fiery! With what rapture girls danced their national dances! - Ukrainian ...

and of cource Indian:

There was a lot of competition on the knowledge of the "national characteristics" of the countries in which i-Free has offices:

In the dance area the folk group "Ottava E" not only entertained people with their prominent songs, but the musicians also organized fun workshops on songs and traditional dances:

The most vivid images of this improvisation came in a video we made for the foreign offices:



On the whole, everybody felt the New Year's party spirit.

В общем, еще одна замечательная вечеринка, оставившая море приятных воспоминаний... :)


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