i-Free`s Health Day 2011: How it was

Superheroes competition has become the main idea of this holiday. I-Free team was divided into several groups, each of them had its legend, history and strategy.


Ship Alexander Suvorov has opened its warm and cozy decks –cabins for the heroes. Nobody has cared about the weather.

Distinguishing signs of each team

Pipe to the restaurant!  Everyone started talking sitting at the tables with drinks and snacks.

Someone decided to go out on deck to get some fresh air

Later, all gathered in the small groups according to their interests.

Poker tournament.

During the dinner registration at the corporate poker tournament was held. 36 participants were arranged at the four gaming tables.

The other i-Free employees danced in the disco area

This could go on forever, but heroes should have been ready for a busy day on the wonderful island.

Even the most desperate optimists didn`t expect such mild and sunny.
But it could not be otherwise during this adventure)).

It was not just warm, but really hot

Such ffighting tools as laser guns, zorb, balls, paddles  were waiting for their heroes on the beach.

Zorbing rides, rock climbing, beach football and volleyball, frisbee, lots of intellectual games, puzzles and laser tag tournament.

Food for thought  …

Instructors attentively counted all the earned points, and the heroes at the end of the day were determined. There were no losers, but  the team “Adventure seekers” has shown the best results.

Островная феерия закончилась курсированием над озером лодки-самолета (по-настоящему супергеройское средство передвижения)

The island adventure has with a flight of a “lake boat aircraft” (a real Superhero vehicle)

… and the sunset meet  ...



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