i-Free: We are 10 years old!

In November - 11/11/11! - I-Free company celebrated its 10 year anniversary!

We celebrated the anniversary at the restaurant "Baltika-Bru" with lots of fun and creativity almost until morning.

But firstly, of course, there was the welcoming speech and greetings from management ...

And then there was the entertainment program, which was thought out by the employees. As always it turned out to be a bright and witty party. Both performers and spectators thoroughly enjoyed it.

"One day in the life of the Indian office" was presented

and the launch of "Pocket Blonde" in Asia.

And now everyone  knows who to call for help if problems occur:

And of course, there were prizes and gifts waiting for the best of the best.

…а также тосты, поздравления и пожелания…

And finally, the cake!

It was a pity to cut this masterpiece of pastry...

But it had to be done :)

Happy Birthday i-Free! :)



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