Ice Auto Party

So, the place of action: St. Petersburg’s Rzhevka airport.
The time of action: a damp Petersburg February day.
The characters: a group of brave i-Free employees, who having decided to sharpen their counter-emergency skills competed in a race on a difficult track.

First of all, of course, the instruction – an experienced instructor showed us the route, spoke about the features of the road, and shared secrets about high-speed driving on slippery surfaces...

The track was organised so that the main condition for successful completion of the track did not come from the technical characteristics of the car, but from the driver’s skill. This put the owners of the Mercedes and the Ladas on the same level. :)

In order to understand the route better some of the participants even sketched the track:

Then the competition began. There were two types of event ‘the difficult track’ and ‘the snake’.

The strongest impression of the day was the sense of struggle with the iron horse. On the track one could fearlessly push the accelerator and then a few seconds later hit the breaks! And see all that will be in front of you. ;)

By sunset the training field was groomed to perfection and in the light of the streetlamps the final run started. Here all were already laid out in full. The final competition added adrenaline: night, two dozen cars with their engines running, everyone watching the mirrory-ice track as two cars competed for victory.))))

At the award ceremony only the pedestal and XXXL bottle of champagne were missing. But this item was removed on the grounds of technical safety; at 20 degrees below zero covered in the foam from the champagne the i-Free employees would appear happy, but, alas, icy. :)




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