"What is our life? - A game! "

i-Free staff like to play: in all the company`s business departments a grass-roots movement of gamers has emerged.

For example, on February 23rd the girls gave the guys in each office a great toy - a "table football table." And now the boys spend their spare time having table football competitions, although the girls often participate in the football battles too.

You can play not just after work, but also during the day. Some prefer a ten minute coffee break while others prefer a short match: it helps you to relax, gives your eyes a rest and puts you into a good mood.

But this is only a small part of all entertainments hidden in the depths of our business centres. For example, in the "A priori" business centre there is "Dandy", Battleships, various board games and, of course, the plush ‘Spoony’ - white and fluffy, he relieves stress brilliantly if you stroke him. :)

In the HR-department you can always find UNO, "Mafia" and poker sets. There is also an amusing analogue of the "Monopoly"  game - "Manager". Of course, gamers do not need to call or e-mail each other. They can arrange upcoming competitions through a special group on the corporate website.

Gaming begins after 7pm. Passing through corridors at this time you can hear the typical phrases and exclamations :)

And from time to time, we organise large corporate tournaments and play like grown-ups :)

After all, the game itself helps people to get closer and get to know each other better, in order to become a real team - an i-Free team!


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