This spring for one evening we returned to winter; the season of skating and mulled wine was closed, but the i-Free staff have discovered a new kind of corporate sport. Curling is exotic, but similar enough to other winter sports that it does stand a chance of becoming popular with us.

Before, a few of us were standing like this - in sneakers on the ice with a mop :) At first it was difficult to cross the icy playground.  

But after a few minutes we played in earnest ...

Between the teams some serious clashes began, in the literal sense of the word ;)

And then there were cries of victory after a successful throw of the stones into the center of the circle:

Victory was near!   Thanks, of course, to our colleagues who were involved in the game and supported the players.

People actively commented on the new sensations: the throwing of a stone, jogging on the ice, teammates all so serious and focused, but ... with mops. Such a spectacle is a great relief after a stressful day at work :)

It was nice to see entire i-Free families on the ice and a growing generation of curling players:

And those who were older actively helping the mums and dads on the ice:

16 teams with 6 players in each participated.

The team  "Kukushin`s Nest":


"Wild squirrels":

«Crazzzy Hamsters»:

As it should be in a sports competition just one team won - "Buttons."

But the shared joy of the i-Free staff confirmed that the main thing is not the winning, but the participation!

Curling is a surprisingly fun and exciting sport. It was not difficult, and was very interesting, so …  it must be continued!


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