Urban Race' 2012

i-Free has had its teams on the Urban Race, Europe’s biggest urban outdoor adventure, for several years straight. Finding directions on city streets while running, biking or rollerblading was perhaps the easy part, but our three teams were in for more: “flying fox” crossings, climbing down buildings, and other rope climbing daredevilry…

One could hear the hum of many voices around the Engineers’ Castle from as far away as Mars Field. A crowd of  contenders had assembled by the Peter I monument on Klenovaya Ulitsa.

Everyone received a map and a set of quest assignments they were supposed to complete on the route:

The i-Free guys:


This was serious. The tasks were really complex and challenging, but the instructors were friendly and caring. They gave everyone a helmet, and helped to put it on.   :)

A couple of turns down along the Smolenka River, there stood IT! A fire truck with a long ladder extended over the Neva. It looked surreal. A team member was supposed to climb the ladder and then climb down the rope onto a floating pier. This was not a sight for the easily scared!

But we are known as fearless people who won’t stop at anything to win, so we climbed – and how! :)

It was a pretty good landing: 

But we hardly had enough time to catch our breath. Our new assignment was calling: we had to sail five car tires tied together to the Icebreaker Krasin. I’ve got to say: that makeshift raft looked a lot less than trustworthy.  Then we were supposed to rearrange our safety gear and climb aboard using a mesh of ropes.

So we climbed again, risking our lives))

Say what you will about i-Free, but this company has a team spirit that won’t quit. The guys and the girls helped each other along:

We did it, but we got a little wet in the process… couldn’t be avoided!)))

We changed, and then we saw a new mark, which meant another challenge lay ahead:

i-Free confronted a wall:

But we knew exactly what to do: we climbed it:

Sometimes marks would appear by themselves, other times we had to look for them. “Found it!”

Here it is, our rock-climbing wall! (and almost right by our office, too!). This will be followed by a stroll through some of the “cleanest” and most “scenic” backyards of Petrogradka, a swim in a public fountain, the labyrinth of the University campus… But those are mere trifles compared with what he had gone through before.

Finally, the long-awaited finishing line! Yay! We got the 2nd and 3rd places!

A team photo with the Urban Race Certificates will make sure we never forget this: 

Way to go, guys! We’re already looking forward to the next Race!




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