Children’s Health Day

This was the first ever really big family holiday at i-Free. There is a corporate Health Day every summer, which all employees are very fond of and look forward to, but this year, for the first time we decided to celebrate a family Health Day for employees with children.

We went to Shuvalovka Village on a sunny and warm weekend in July (itself a rare stroke of luck last summer!). The ladies at the entrance tied some ribbons around everyone’s wrists, kids

and parents alike…

Off to the side, some local makeup artists-in-residence offered “Russian style” makeup for free:

The kids loved it:

Some grown-ups did, too:

While the grown-ups tried to regroup and organize themselves, the kids found their fun:

When you’re five, what can be more fun than climbing, jumping, sliding, going up and down or round and round… You know ;)

The swings… Those are the most fun!  :)

The trampoline was also a jump-away success:

As soon as the kids felt at home, they started to get to know each other and the local pets better:

Some discovered a new means of ground  transport:

while others chose to fly :)

When the introductions were over, we were all called to a large tent and told why those ribbons were on our wrists…

It turned out, we were in several teams, and we were about to vie in strength, speed, skill and marksmanship with each other, earning points for our respective teams. The kids also listened attentively, when the rules of the competition were read out:

Then came the best part. First, a pretzel relay race:

Then, a Frisbee tournament:

A pillow grab game:

And a Russian peasant-themed intelligence test:

In this race, one had to run around the plastic buckets and cast one’s Frisbee through a ring, hanging on the goal box: 

In the meantime, the smaller kids made things out of play-dough…

and painted them:

The older boys pitted their strength in a tug-of-war:

Everyone was welcome to test one’s stilt walking skills…

or ride a unicycle:

The grown-ups enjoyed this as much as the kids did, by the way))

Not only did the teams have fun during this outdoor adventure; they actually competed, meticulously writing down their points and hoping to win. And this is the team that won our super-race:

After the well-deserved prizes and gifts were given and received, everyone went outside, for a miracle had been promised. Everyone held their breath…

The firecrackers went off…

…and off it flew, the good-natured, multicolored balloon  dragon. It flew far away, over the “mountains blue and oceans deep”:

A happy,  laughing child… Is there anything more precious to the parents? So we decided to repeat this fairy tale every year from now on. Let this be another good tradition for i-Free!





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