Auto Party

The idea of this “Auto Party” came up after our skid-race on the ice of the Rzhevka Airport in winter. We came to the racetrack at the appointed time. We filled out some forms, where we agreed to the rules of conduct on the racetrack…

We were issued personal numbers, which we had to paste on the side windows of our cars:

Two of the ten crews, “manned” by girls, were placed in a league by themselves. Three crews were formed with cars more powerful than 200 h/p.

Many of us were sent to the field reserved for what’s called “figure skating” or “serpentine” - driving around some traffic cones:

The point of lap racing is to complete your laps as fast as you can. We got in our cars. The instructor drove in front of us, showing us the correct trajectory. After the “tour,” we geared up for the real race.  

The race consisted of three laps: the first lap to gain momentum, and the last lap to cool down the brakes. The second lap was timed. Time was counted on the scoreboard.

After the initial measurement, the instructor would get three people in his car and drive in a circle, explaining the bends and trajectory:

Then the instructor would ride with each driver, pointing out the most frequent mistakes:

Then we got a chance to do a timed practice lap:

The idea was to see if we had learned and if we could improve our time. It turned out that our quick training course had not been in vain.

While one group vied in “figure skating,” the others had time to do a few more practice laps. The drivers felt more confident with every lap, and the screeching of tires, accompanied by the smell of burning rubber, was heard more and more often…

Some of us preferred the two-wheeled “horse.” :)

Now it was time to name the winners and award them these cute certificates:

We spent nearly four hours at the track. Tired but happy would be the best description of how we felt in the end. And yes, we will do this again some time!


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