Health Day 2012

This was the first time i-Free had its traditional Health Day out of Russia.

At the beginning of August 2012, the entire i-Free team headed for Estonia on the Baltic Sea coast, and set up camp close to the seaside town of Parnu. It was sunny and windy at the seaside. This and a great group of people – what else did we need for a real “pirate party”?  And, yes, we had to embark on a pirate treasure search.

But our journey there was long and arduous. One of our buses had an accident on the road. Fortunately, the people riding in it must have been born with silver spoons in their mouths. No one was hurt. The people from the other buses helped out, and soon we were all on our way again.  This sort of thing can happen to anyone, but that accident once again showed that members of the i-Free team were not just coworkers, but true friends, who will never leave a friend in the lurch.

After we got there and set up camp, we assembled in the central plaza to hear a brief “pirate valediction” from the management:

Then the “pirate-in-chief” stepped up, and the party kicked off!

The people broke up into six teams. Each team had to think of a name and a flag. Each team wore neck scarves of different color, to make it easier for team members to recognize each other.  The exciting treasure hunt began:

This is the team that called itself “The Green Bastards”:

These people are “The Jolly Roger’s Dream”:

These are “Blackjacks”:

This is us painting our flags:

Some drawings were transplanted to the floorboards – for longevity.  :)

Each team introduced itself:

Then the fun part began: pirate trampoline battles …

The girls wanted some, too!

Soft-track trampoline racing:

Pirate catchball with fishnets:

And, as usual, there were some challenging intelligence tests:

Everyone picked a craft and got busy:

There were a few “seasoned sailors” among us. And the sea really was “knee-deep” to these people, as the saying goes…:

We drummed up enough players for a game of paintball, and the tournament was a lot of fun:

In the meantime, our “pacifistically inclined” pirates honed their physical skills on rope ladders:

The best marksmen hogged the shooting ground:

When dusk fell, we all gathered on the shore and set our boats afloat, awaiting final command to start a sea battle.

Each team sent six of its bravest men and women out to sea to win the promised treasure in a battle. The rest gave their support from the shore.

Sea adventure is fraught with peril. It’s always good to have some support on the ground.  :)

The boat race began. The winner would get the chest of treasures, but it had to be pulled up from the bottom of the sea:

The sunset provided a gorgeous backdrop:

The Valeras won:

At the gala dinner, the winning team stepped forward.

And each buccaneer received his or her lawful share of the loot: a 16Gb gold nugget.

After the winners had been duly celebrated, the MC stepped onstage with a stack of photos, portraying us disguised as pirates:

We had to find ourselves in the photos:

This was not easy, so people were overjoyed when they guessed correctly.  :)

And some were quite bewildered.  :)

And then the DJ took over…


…and dancing began…

I would love to report that people danced till they dropped, but that was not the case… :)

The i-Free band of pirates hit the shore again in the middle of the night to build a huge bonfire.

Everyone wanted to set fire to this giant stack of firewood))

Finally, the flames shot up, aiming at the dark skies:

The fire was so beautiful and it burned a long, long time… The pacified pirates enjoyed the sight of the fire and its dancing reflections in the sea till dawn:




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