i-Free has seen all kinds of master classes, but nothing like this. The idea of a felt toy-making crash course came from employees themselves, who also found and recruited a professional toymaker.

Competition was tough over the ten placements available on this class, and not only girls competed.   

No one could figure out what the students were doing in this class. It looked like they were poking needles into pieces of wool. Some of the people observing this through the glass walls of the “negotiating room” earnestly assumed the girls were learning how to make voodoo dolls.  :)

No one expected to produce anything good on their first attempt, but the results astounded everyone.  The girls made these cute, funny-looking felt creatures:

Even though everyone’s fingers hurt from numerous needle pricks by the end of the class, and some of the “pussycats” hardly looked like cats, all the students felt very inspired and firm in their decision to repeat the class some other time.   

Three hours of teamwork in a friendly, homelike atmosphere, and here they are, the funny little felt toys, each with a personality all its own.


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