i-Free’s 11th

“11” may not be a round number, but it looks good! And once again i-Free celebrated its birthday in style – no less so than its 10th the year before. It was themed like a high school prom. Despite the anticlimactic November sleet outside, we all felt like we had just finished our eleventh school year.  :)

A welcome cocktail and many other enjoyments awaited the graduates in the lobby of the Moskva Restaurant. Photos were taken and placed on fridge magnets, so that everyone could take ones beloved friends and coworkers home forever. :)

This is where things got a little “physical”:

“Take one for all these years of schooling!”:

A cocktail master class:

A sand drawing workshop – for the more artistically inclined:

As usual, the night was preceded by words of greeting from the directors:


Then the fun began! There was a heated discussion of our recent flash-mob, and an itinerary of amusing contests, raffles and tournaments…


…and a little bit of “real magic”:

Then there was dancing, fooling around and friendly conversation… The night was upbeat and fun, the usual i-Free way :)


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