New Year’s Party for Kids

i-Free had its first New Year’s Party for kids in December. Before, we used to give our employees’ kids presents or tickets for public New Year’s events. This year, we decided to keep the holiday in-house, so that the kids could both have a great time and see where their moms and dads work.   


What makes one feel truly festive? We think it’s colorful makeup and a funny costume:

…but no New Year’s Party would be complete without the fir tree…


…and Santa with his Snow Maiden:

The moms and dads wore costumes, too. It was a fun time for both kids and adults!


i-Free staffers wrote the script of the New Year’s Show and played all the parts: Santa, Snow Maiden, Little Red Riding Hood, Baba Yaga, Spiderman, Pink Bunny, Darth Vader and Flash.    

There were plenty of other enjoyments at the party, on top of the New Year’s Show, like party games…      

…and tricks performed by a professional “magician”:

The kids recited poetry, frolicked in a ball pit, hobnobbed with Christmas fairytale characters, raced remote controlled car models, slid down inflatable slides, molded clay, drew, and posed for photos: 


At the end of the day, our first New Year’s Party was a great success! The kids had lots of fun. :)


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