Season’s Treats for Orphans

We all remember how, when we were kids, we always looked forward to New Year’s Eve, which promised nothing short of a miracle. The closest, most loved people would get together. There would be presents, candy, amusements and fun… But when there is no mom or dad and no home, the Holiday Season matters even more. With this in mind, all i-Free employees enthusiastically welcomed the idea to bring Season’s greetings to orphans. We chose the orphanage in Volkhov, 110 km outside St. Petersburg, which is rarely visited by NGOs or volunteers.  

The trip was announced on the corporate website, and many employees signed up. We bought tons of presents: novelty toothbrushes, fruity toothpastes, toys, Lego kits, mittens, makeup sets for kids, candy, fruit, clothes and lots of other goodies. We put together a personal gift basket for every child.

On 22 December, ten i-Free employees went to Volkhov. We felt uneasy. We thought it would be painful to meet children who are deprived of parental love and care, but it wasn’t. The time we had together was a hundred percent positive and fun, for us as well as the children.

Apart from the presents, we had a couple more nice surprises up our sleeve. We offered to teach them how to make candles using the decoupage technique, and how to make decorated picture-cards. The kids just loved our classes. They worked with passionate abandon, creating some really amazing things! 

The day flew by, and it felt exactly like a New Year’s Eve should feel. It felt like a miracle in the making. It was filled with the joy of being around people who love you and care about you, who give you presents and want you to feel good. It won’t be long before we go back there with more treats for those kids.


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