CEO Kidnapped! or Happy New Year!

Last year, the i-Free New Year’s Eve adventure had begun long before the traditional “fir tree and tangerines” routine. The customary trip out of town was preceded by a two-week sleuthing game.   

The General Director had been kidnapped…

Apparently, by a gang of harmless-looking reindeer.


But the mystery was not solved until the very New Year’s Eve party.

It was truly the most “athletic” New Year’s Eve party in the company’s history. It happened at two downhill skiing locations near St. Petersburg simultaneously: Igora and Green Village, both of which very hospitably welcomed us to their ski tracks.

But the celebration came first, featuring a “magical” laser show...

some amazing ice sculptures…

huge fireworks…

and all kinds of amusements: to each according to taste:

The pre-holiday mystery was illuminated. The heroes who had helped to liberate the CEO, kidnapped by reindeer, were awarded ski lift passes with an open date. The saved General Director gave the awards personally in the snow-covered skating rink.

The longest-serving employees were also rewarded. Those who had stayed with i-Free longer than 3 years, received silver pins. Gold pins were given to employees having cleared 6 years of service.

It is a tradition with i-Free to perpetuate one’s festive mood on one’s fridge. At each event, a photographer is present, who instantly places photos on fridge magnets.

The party went on well into the small hours. Skiing and snowboarding were some of the amusements set aside for the next day.

Skating, too…

and curling:

and dog sledding:

When people took breaks, they would sit down for a quiet conversation with friends over glasses of mulled wine:

The second day was every bit as good as the first, what with the sun and the bitter cold, skiing and skating, walks through the snowy forest, and hot drinks with good company. An unbeatable start to the seasonal holiday marathon!







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