It’s curling again!

Last year it was the first time we went to play curling all together. It was great and it was fun, but not enough time to enjoy the game and to prove our worth. That is why this year we held two tournaments, for men and for girls, on February 23 and March 8 correspondingly.

In spite of cold and ice passions ran hot from the very start. Each team hoped to win and strove for victory.

Even the beginners, who took the stone in their hands for the first time, played as excitedly as ever.

In some of the teams tactics were worked out in detail, because curling is a game where team work is the main precondition of success.

The men were highly concentrated on the process and played cold-mindedly 

… whereas the girls’ emotions poured over the edge:

The girls fought both with dedication and valor.

And quite understandably, too, for the prizes were so nice! ;))

All in all, neither the players, nor the fans (who were quite numerous)  were bored with the tournaments.  The i-Free people who came to support their favorites not only enjoyed the game

but were treated to some  nice tasty things

and had a great tine ice- skating.

To sum up, everyone had great fun –both the players and the fans.



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