Family Day

The second in the history of i-Free Family Day took place on June 1, Children’s Day.

Family Day is a unique opportunity for the i-Free people to spend time both in a circle of family and with their dearest colleagues. On the other hand, for the friends and families it is an opportunity to get to know about i-Free and people who work there.

The first summer day of 2013 was hot and sunny. At about noon a company of energetic young people, ready for any kind of adventure, gathered on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. One could see big families, parents with babies, young expectant couples, and just friends.

And adventures surely did not keep them waiting.

Divided into a number of mixed teams the grown-ups and children had to perform quests and clear obstacles in order to find the treasure.

But first they had to rally the teams and check the competitive spirits.

And now it was high time to start the fight! Speed, dexterity and wit were tested.

Truly speaking, the pirates’ conquests exhausted all teams.

But the more pleasing was success at each stage, step by step nearing the final prize.

Those who abstained from the pirates’ story enjoyed lying quietly in the sun, taking  photos and wandering along the shore.

Speaking shortly, another pirates’ story was quite a success. After a big tasty lunch the teams were dispensed to the schooners (buses) and moved to the city to conquer new islands of i-Free projects. :)

As a remembrance we have this video:






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