i-Free launches interactive promo service for Tuborg

St. Petersburg, Russia, 16 April  2009. i-Free, a leading provider of content services in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan,* will be handling the technical end of a promo campaign titled “Virushai na London MegaDrive!” (“Go to London’s MegaDrive with Tuborg”), aimed at boosting Tuborg beer sales in Ukraine in April and May.

Over the years, i-Free has serviced some of the premier global brands as a mobile marketing partner, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Chupa Chups, Gillette, Duracell, Reebok, Stella Artois, Foster's, Sobranie, Sibirskaya Korona, and others.

Tuborg is the newest partner for i-Free, which will provide technical support for an interactive SMS service during the promo campaign “Virushai na London MegaDrive!” (“Go to London’s MegaDrive with Tuborg”), run by Talan Communications PR agency for the Tuborg brand.

To enter in the “Virushai na London MegaDrive!” promotion, find a code under the back label of a Tuborg bottle or underneath a can ring, and text it to 3015 or have it registered on www.tuborg.ua or WAP.tuborg.ua.

Every code you send gets you between 1 and 10 points. Points can be exchanged for gifts in a gift e-shop on www.tuborg.ua: computer hardware, Tuborg brand clothing, and so on. Every 50th code sent in gets its sender UAH10.00 of mobile phone credit.

The top prize is a trip to London to visit the famous Reading Festival, complemented by all kinds of excursions and the Notting Hill Carnival. The top prize will be played off among both individual participants and teams of three to five people each.  

Only those who collect over 100 points can vie for the top prize. To play in the team tournament, participants are to team up with their friends, forming teams of 3 to 5 people. Team members have to have 300 points or more between them to qualify for the team battle.  

“Mobile brand communications are an easy way to reach out to consumers,” said Galina Ryzhenko, mobile marketing manager at i-Free-Ukraine. “When mobile services are blended with marketing events, this always boosts sales and cements consumer loyalty. We are positive that the owners of this promotion will be happy with the results.”  

A text message to 3015 costs UAH0.50.


* Source: AC&M-Consulting

***i-Free is a dynamic, innovation-minded company, providing mobile value added services and content since 2001. i-Free is currently among the leading providers of content services in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As of April 2008, i-Free’s subscriber base exceeded 56 million individual users, with a potential audience of around 1,6  billion yet to be reached. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, i-Free employs more than 300 highly qualified staff in its offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia), Kyiv (Ukraine), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Mexico City (Mexico), Mumbai (India), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Beijing (China).

i-Free’s business specialisms are development and publication of quality content (images, music, Java and BREW games), creating and marketing complex communication services and infotainment services, as well as mobile marketing, mobile banking, mobile vending, media integrated projects, production and aggregation of mobile video content for 3G networks.

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