i-Free runs interactive service for the show Let’s Get Married! on Channel One

St. Petersburg, Russia, 8 April 2009. i-Free, a leading provider of content services in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan,* will be handling the technical side of SMS voting for the show Let's Get Married! on Channel One. Viewers voting for their favorite character will get a chance to go on the show.
The partnership in interactive mobile services between i-Free and Channel One goes back a few years. i-Free has provided technical support for numerous interactive promotions and shows on Channel One, such as voting for The Stars are Closer than You Think and a live interactive lottery and prize draw hosted by the creators of the film Ironic Twist. A Sequel. i-Free has developed mobile services and resources to promote the blockbusters Turkish Gambit, Night Watch and Day Watch.  

Now i-Free will be handling the technical end of Let's Get Married!, a popular show on Channel One. The role of i-Free's service will be dual: it will enable viewers to vote for their favorite participant and at the same time apply to go on the show.  

In this project, i-Free has teamed up with Mandarin PR agency and relies on the support of Red Square, the chief TV show producer for Channel One. Mandarin and Red Square are members of the same group of companies.

"Mobile services are a powerful way to reach out to the audience," said Elena Rudaya, deputy director of sales at Red Square. "This SMS voting we are about to enable in partnership with i-Free, a premier Russian content provider, can only add popularity to Let's Get Married! and boost its ratings."

To vote for their favorite participant, viewers are to send a text message with the participant's code number to 4444. The reply will inform the viewer that their vote has been registered.

Viewers wishing to go on the show Let's Get Married! are to reply to the message they receive with their full name and age. Candidates for the show will be selected from among viewers who have texted that information.

"We are glad that we can keep working together with Mandarin on interactive services for TV shows on Channel One," said Vladislav Kostiunin, who oversees interactive projects at i-Free. "We believe the regular viewers of Let's Get Married! will like this new service, while the show's creators will be able to cull new, interesting people for the show from the audience."

SMS applications for Let's Get Married! are accepted 24 hours. A text message to 4444 costs between RUR 8.61 and 10.00 with different providers (please add VAT).


* Source: AC&M-Consulting

***i-Free is a dynamic, innovation-minded company, providing mobile value added services and content since 2001. i-Free is currently among the leading providers of content services in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As of April 2008, i-Free's subscriber base exceeded 56 million individual users, with a potential audience of around 1,6  billion yet to be reached. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, i-Free employs more than 300 highly qualified staff in its offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia), Kyiv (Ukraine), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Mexico City (Mexico), Mumbai (India), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Beijing (China).

i-Free's business specialisms are development and publication of quality content (images, music, Java and BREW games), creating and marketing complex communication services and infotainment services, as well as mobile marketing, mobile banking, mobile vending, media integrated projects, production and aggregation of mobile video content for 3G networks.

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