AINL Conference: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language

St. Petersburg, Russia, 4th June 2012.- Russia’s first conference on artificial intelligence, “AINL: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language,” was held in St. Petersburg on 26 May 2012, sponsored and co-hosted by i-Free in partnership with RVC, NLPSeminar and Game|Changers.

The conference brought together some of the foremost Russian and international thought leaders on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, as well as scientists and analysts representing the relevantly specialized technology developers and creators of new, promising products and solutions.

Physically attended by over 200 participants, the forum was broadcast online to a much wider audience. Participants circulated so many tweet reports that the conference hashtag, #AINL, became a trend on Twitter in St. Petersburg.

The forum’s six sections featured over 20 presentations and 9 project information posters. The keynote topics were: “Speech Recognition and Synthesis.” “Artificial Intelligence and Dialogue Systems,” and “Knowledge Engineering, Ontology, Data Extraction, Data Mining.”

“We are glad that Russia’s first forum on artificial intelligence was so successful and garnered such a representative audience,” said Kirill Petrov, Managing Director of i-Free Innovations. “The participants were offered the broadest opportunities for networking, discussions, sharing of ideas and expertise, and forging new ties for business. We hope “AINL: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language” becomes an annual conference and helps advance Russia’s market for AI technology.”

At the conference, i-Free made a presentation entitled “Outlook for the Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems in Mobile Technology,” and presented a case study: “Creating a Smart Mobile Assistant.”

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Our Partners and Co-hosts:

i-Free Innovations is a division of i-Free, dedicated to the development, testing and implementation of venture projects, pioneering technology and innovative products. i-Free Innovations is proud of its amazing team of analysts and IT professionals, and boasts an impressive portfolio of high-tech innovation success stories.

RVK OAO, the Development Institute of the Russian Federation, is a government fund of funds. RVK is a crucial tool of the Russian Government in building the national innovation system. 

NLPseminar is Russia’s only periodic seminar on the automated processing of natural language. It has been held regularly in St. Petersburg for over five years. 

Game|Changers is a cross-university IT business research and educational program for student activists in St. Petersburg. The program collaborates with the city’s best schools, successful Russian and international technology companies, and development think-tanks.  

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