i-Free Releases Hero Voicer, pioneering voice-changing software

St. Petersburg, Russia, December 6, 2013. i-Free has announced the release of a new product: Hero Voicer, a voice-changing PC program that also adds background sounds and special effects. With its contemporary design and neat interface, Hero Voicer can be quickly adjusted to work with any software, from online games to voice chat-rooms.

Hero Voicer, i-Free’s latest addition to its innovative high-tech product line for the mass market, is now available commercially and released as a beta.

Hero Voicer represents a new milestone for i-Free since launching its voice changing mobile app MadCall.me, in 2012. MadCall.me, which was unmatched when it came out, modified the caller’s voice in real time, and quickly won user acclaim. Building on this success and its sound change competencies, i-Free has further perfected the solution that underlies the app.

Hero Voicer is a PC voice-changing software for video and audio chat-rooms, online games and other services. The new product targets a wide audience, from gamers and audio-chatters to users of online conferencing facilities.

Using preset filters, Hero Voicer user can significantly alter the timbre, pitch and tone of their voice. Users can also use custom settings to create new filters or modify the existing ones.

The beta version of Hero Voicer which is currently on the market, comes with ten voices: Artificial Intelligence, Alien, Droid Assistant, Space Marine (Sci-fi bundle), Elf, Fairy, Orc, and Zombie (Fantasy bundle); and two voices are available for free: Radio and Pony.

There are several background sound options to choose from: City, Forest, Hell, Lounge, Military March, Orc Drums, Rain, Romantic, Shooting, and Space Station.  

Hero Voicer works with games that offer the VoIP voice communication option. Its modern design and convenient interface make Hero Voicer easily adjustable to a wide variety of software products, such as Skype, Hangouts, RaidCall, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, or Dolby Axon.

“Distance communication is the norm for most of us these days,” said Aleksander Kozhevnikov, Product Development Manager. “We are sure that most users will welcome this exciting new way to alter their voice and add cool background sounds. For our part, we will keep improving Hero Voicer, and will soon treat you to some new voices and custom options for an even easier and fun Hero Voicer experience.”

For now, Hero Voicer is available in its 0.8.10 beta version, in Russian and English. The software currently works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, and Windows 8, with new versions and platforms on their way.

Hero Voicer is available for free download on its official website: http://www.herovoicer.com.







i-Free is a Russian innovation company that has operated in the CIS since 2001 and internationally since 2006. The company develops and implements cutting-edge solutions in mobile and NFC technology, electronic finance, digital content distribution, electronic payments and micropayments, applications for smartphones and new network devices, digital products for the B2C market, and B2B projects in mobile marketing.

i-Free has more than 750 employees and is headquartered in St Petersburg with a regional office in Moscow. Outside Russia, i-Free has offices in Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Mumbai (India), Beijing (China), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). The company’s products and services are available to consumers and businesses in more than 100 countries.

i-Free partners with the leading mobile operators in Russia and the CIS, with international mobile equipment vendors, banks, transnational brands, major media groups, publishers, and online resources.

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