i-Free celebrates festive season with Hero Voicer update

St. Petersburg, Russia, 20 December 2013. In the run-up to the holiday Season, i-Free has released an update for Hero Voicer, which modifies user voice and adds background effects in online games and chat rooms. With its new selection of sounds and voice filters, the update enhances the festive atmosphere and offers creative ways to give season’s greetings to family, friends and coworkers.   

i-Free released Hero Voicer, a PC voice-changing software, in December 2013 and is continuously improving the program. The latest update of Hero Voicer, released on the eve of the Holidays, comes with additional selection of voices specially created for the Holiday Season.

The Holiday edition of Hero Voicer includes sounds of bell chimes, fireworks, blizzard, the Jingle Bells tune, chimes of the Kremlin bells, Santa’s big laugh, Santa’s voice, voices of a “bad” Santa, the Snowman, the Angel, Gingerbread Man, Santa’s Little Helper and Santa’s reindeer. In addition, users are now welcome to use the Villains set with sounds of torture and storm, daemonic laughter, as well as voices of Cyborg, Ghost, Demon and Daemoness.  

Using 21 preset filters, Hero Voicer user can easily change the timbre and tone of their voice. Users can also use custom settings to create new filters or modify the existing ones.

Hero Voicer is compatible with online games that have a built-in voice chat capability. Due to its adjustable settings, Hero Voicer will tune the voice to match the sound levels of other programs. The program can be easily set up for a wide variety of software products, such as Skype, Hangouts, RaidCall, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, which are all very popular with online gamers.

“We hope that additional Holiday voice filters and noises will enhance the festive mood of Hero Voicer users and people they communicate with,” Product Development Manager Alexander Kozhevnikov says. “The new Hero Voicer update is set to produce some very original, creative and memorable Holiday greetings this year. The voices and sounds from the Villains bundle will add a pleasant variety to conference calls before the Holidays.”

For now, Hero Voicer is available for beta testing in Russian and English. The development team is dedicated to updating Hero Voicer, improving its interface and adding new options.

The current version of Hero Voicer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Hero Voicer is available for free download on its official website: http://www.herovoicer.com. Click here for the Hero Voicer promo video.




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