NFC payments are now available to more than 500,000 smartphone users in Russia

CardsMobile has developed and released the "Wallet, a mobile app that ensures safe issue and usage of bank cards inside a smartphone. A card issued in a smartphone offers the same functions as a physical one: "Wallet" users can pay for purchases online and in any shop that supports mobile proximity payments.

"Wallet" is the first NFC project brought into commercial operation in Russia; it is also the most important NFC project in Russia and one of the biggest in Europe. For the moment, the app is pre-installed on more than 500,000 smartphones of leading manufacturers.

Currently the "Wallet" offers MasterCard PayPass bank cards for on- and offline retail payments. Moreover, "Wallet" users can use it to pay for public transport in more than 20 regions of Russia.

A special Secure Element safety chip is integrated into NFC-enabled smartphones to ensure safe data processing. It is similar to chips used in plastic bank and transport cards. The solution uses a PN65 family chip from NXP. Thanks to a proprietary TSM (Trusted Service Manager, ensuring the issue and delivery of cards into user smartphone) platform, developed as a part pof the project, CardsMobile solution is fully compatible with both Russian and international standards.

Kirill Gorynya, CEO at CardsMobile, pointed out: "Recently, many experts casted doubts on NFC as a future standard. Despite constant technological development, the market didn't witness its explosive growth. However, today the fact is clear that many global players, inluding Apple, are going to build their NFC-based mobile payment services. Many sources let us suppose with assurance that the new iPhone 6 will use the same technology that we have implemented more than a year ago. The arrival of such powerful players will certainly boost the market of NFC services".


CardsMobile (Beskontakt Ltd.) was founded in St. Petersburg in 2012. In 2013, the company has brought its "Wallet" app into commercial operation. "Wallet" is a pre-installed app that lets the user to upload fully functional bank cards into a smartphone and then use it to pay for goods and services by touching a payment terminal with the phone; it is also possible to upload public transport proximity cards. In future, the users will also be able to upload loyalty cards from retail chains and a variety of digital cents-off coupons.

CardsMobile is funded by i-Free Group.

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