i-Free is included into the ranking of leading Russian mobile developers

B2B mobile app development of i-Free priority areas of activity. i-Free Business Solutions is a dedicated department, which not only creates mobile apps tailored to specific customer needs, but also provides a full range of related works and services, such as app testing, distribution through app stores, promotion consulting, etc.

Among i-Free B2B customers, there are most important FMCG brands, fuel companies, banks, retail chains, service-oriented companies, TV channles, and ad agencies. Recently i-Free Group has been partnering with VTB and TCS banks, Channel One, "Lukoil" filling station chain, "Perekrestok"  supermarket chain, E5.RU web shop, "Peterhof" and "Oranienbaum" museums.

Apps created by i-Free Business Solutions are an efficient marketing tool that ensures continuous communication with consumers. Using these apps, it is possible to provide people with latest news, information about closest offices and salespoints, about promo actions and recent deliveries, about the availability of certain goods and services, etc. Moreover, it is possible to receive consumer feedback and send branded media content to users.

Apps developped by i-Free Business Solutions for supermarkets, offer many useful functions, such as searching goods information by bar code, or compiling a shopping list, or syncing with other app users.

Special apps for museums held a special place in the product line. i-Free was the first company on the Russian market to publish apps offering augmented reality features. This technology turns a common tour into a fascinating trabel through time, so that visitors can see what a room or landscape looked like a while ago.

Anton Baranov, CDO at i-Free Business Solutions, commented on company's B2B development activities "We have a unique team of developers with a huge work experience in the development of software for any existing mobile platforms. Today our portfolio includes a big number of special mobile apps for companies from a variety of business areas. The number of our customers grows continuously, so this ranking position is a logical result of our work.

The ranking by "Tagline" includes Russian companies specializing in the development, design, publishimg and support of mobile apps and other mobile platform solutions. It is based on the results of an expert survey, in which 140 professionals took part. All respondents work in mobile development, digital production, interactive agencies; opinions of those involved in mobile development were the heaviest. 

Other companies at the top of the ranking: Redmadrobot, e-Legion, Unreal Mojo, Touch Instinct, CleverPumpkin, "GALS Soft", SoftFacade, iD EAST, CactusSoft, "Hyperboloid", Sebbia, Polonium, Arts, AppTeka.



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