Kirill Gorynya Wins the "Expert of the Year" Award

March 3, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. – Kirill Gorynya, one of i-Free Group co-founders and General Manager at CardsMobile, has won the "Expert of the Year" Award, given yearly by "Expert Severo-Zapad" magazine as an acknowledgment of notable contribution to a certain industry.

This year, "Expert of the Year" included ten categories: "Business an Investment", "Public Administration", "Health and Biopharmaceutics", "Art and Culture", "IT and Telecom", "HR", "Research and Education", "Human and Social Projects", "Strategic Planning", "Transport and Logistics".

Kirill Gorynya has been awardedthe prize in "IT and Telecom" category for the development and implementation of the "Wallet" mobile app. This app supporting contactless NFC payments on Android-based smartphones has been released on the Russian market one year before Apple Pay; today, it is already pre-installed on more than devices produced by major manufacturers.

Currently CardsMobile, developer of the "Wallet", is working on the biggest Europe project, where public transportation companies are involved. In the next months, it will be possible to use the "Wallet" to pay for the passage in the buses, tramways and subway in Moscow as well as the subway in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Kirill Gorynya commented on his win of the award: "I am certainly grateful to this reputable magazine as well as the professionals who were members of the judging panel. I consider this award to be an indisputable proof of the fact that NFC technologies, to which I have devoted more than ten years of my life, have finally broken into the mass market. NFC technologies have most alluring prospects, so today we are working on a whole line of NFC-based solutions and products that will be sought-after by a large audience".

Winners of the "Expert of the Year" award will be frequent guests at the "Expert politics" club that aims at working out key social and economic problems in the Northwestern region and Russia in general.

For more information about the "Expert of the Year" award, contest rules and award winners, please see the "Expert" magazine



Photo:  Kirill Gorynya, one of i-Free Group co-founders and General Manager at CardsMobile:


About CardsMobile and "Wallet" app:

CardsMobile is a Russian engineering company, focusing on NFC-based contactless mobile payments and mobile services. Founded in 2010 in St. Petersburg as a capital investment project of i-Free Ventures.

"Wallet" is a mobile app created by CardsMobile that allows to the users of compatible Android-based smartphones to issue, safely store and use mobile banking cards MasterCard PayPass for payments in online and offline shops, as well as cards for urban transport payments and electronic cents-off coupons. Also in the short run, the users will have an opportunity to store loyalty cards of major retail chains in their smartphones.

The "Wallet" is preinstalled on multiple HTC, Sony and Philips smartphones; in the first half of 2015, it will be available for download on any NFC-enabled smartphones with Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

Company web site: Social media:, Twitter @CardsMobile,, Google+.

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Ekaterina Savchenko

Phone +7 911 132 24 53


+7 (812) 438 16 78

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