SMSDirect starts an SMS polling service

April 20, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. – SMSDirect, branch of i-Free Group, has launched a unique SMS polling service suitable for companies from various business areas. New service provides dialog capabilities, ensures customer feedback and lets control the quality of goods and services.  

SMS polling service is a web service that lets quickly create interactive actions of any complexity. It is just a matter of minutes to create a quiz, a poll, a test, a survey, etc. with the help of SMSDirect manager.

A key feature of this SMS polling service is that the communication expenses are absorbed by the owner of the poll, not by the participants; this has positive impact on customer loyalty and company image.

The service is an out-of-the-box solution that doesn't require any additional settings for implementing standard cases. Subscribers that expressly agreed to receive information messages will get an SMS from short code 4105. The SMS contains an invitation to take part in the poll, the dialog is implemented using the same short code.

Unique service architecture lets taking an unlimited number of polls using the same short code. Herewith, the subscriber doesn't have to use any prefix (keyword) at the start of his message, as the system defines the necessary poll on its own. Questions can be closed (i.e., the respondent has to choose from a preset number of answers - e.g., "1" for "yes" or "2" for "no") or open, when the respondent types a free answer.

Customers who use the service get access to online statistics; when the event is over, they also receive a detailed report.

Natalia Nikolayeva, Head of SMSDirect, commented on the new service: "This service lets you easily launch a survey, or quiz, or poll, or any other interactive scenario, and the cost will be similar to that of an ordinary action using commercial text messages. Our solution is unique, as it broadens significantly the capabilities of a standard "Q&A" service, while the dialog is initiated by the company instead of the customer, and the message to short code 4105 is free for the subscriber. All this ensures maximum response level".


SMSDirect is a branch of i-Free Group, focusing on direct marketing through digital channels: SMS, e-mail, voice communication, USSD, mobile Internet. Founded in 2008 as a simple SMS dispatch service, SMSDirect then evolved into a full-scale eCRM system. Today, SMSDirect is among the top players on the Russian market of direct information distribution and advertising.

SMSDirect has signed direct contracts with all Russian mobile network operators and provides state-of-art technical equipment and 24/7 support. More than 2,000 companies from various industries and business areas are SMSDirect clients.

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