Contactless solutions by Good Events at Colisium Music Week international convent

April 27, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. – Good Events team, a branch of i-Free Group, provided NFC wristbands and corresponding contactless technical solutions for the Colisium Music Week international convent.

Colisium Music Week convent took place in St. Petersburg and gathered more than 1000 participants and 150 speakers from 14 countries. Good Events team sponsored the convent and provided NFC wristbands facilitating access to concerts, conferences and other events. Good Events also organized places for wristbands' distribution and provided support of infrastructure managing access to concert venues.

More than 80 concerts, lectures, expositions and master classes have been held during the convent. NFC wristbands supplied by Good Events served as passes, thus simplifying event access control for the organizers. During the four convent days, the wristbands have been scanned more than 2,000 times.

Usage of NFC wristbands enabled the organizers of the convent to determine the most attended events, which was crucial for them. For example, MORE, А2 and Backstage clubs turned out to be the most popular. As for the conferences, such sessions as Retargeting and new opportunities for promoting artists and events and Development of big festivals, Music & Brands and Modern solutions for automated ticketing grabbed most attention as well as the law panel.

Sergey Babich, Colisium Executive Director, commented on the partnership with Good Events: "One of the most interesting tools provided by NFC wristbands is the Big Data. This parameter lets us see clear charts reflecting the foot traffic through all areas of the event, so that we can see the support of various concerts and take it into account while peparing the next convent. In future, we are going to add member profiles to our system - thus we will be able to inform every participant individually about new speakers and topics, etc. When people get actual information, they understand that the organizer cars about them, and their loyalty is stronger".  

Colisium Ticketing Forum, dealing with ticket marketing and new sales techniques, took place within the convent. Participants of the forum discussed modern solutions for automating the ticketing, problems of automation of theater and museum ticket sales, the issue of choice between ticket services and operators.

Among the delegates there were representatives of i-Free Group – Ilya Berezovskiy, manager of Good Events Project, and Dmitriy Morozov, Head of Mobile Marketing.

Ilya Berezovskiy spoke of the advantages of using NFC technologies during public events, including entertainment and recreation. He has noted in particular that NFC wristbands can be easily used as event currency "You can issue a welcome drink coupon to the wristband or NFC badge, or you can let the participant top up his/her personal balance with cash or bank card and then purchase a drink or get a gift. Organizers also get lots of benefits from using wristbands, such as increase of service rate; moreover. there is no need to use cash payments, or bank cards, or PIN codes. At that, it is impossible forge an NFC wristband, as all data are encrypted".

Dmitriy Morozov suggested the idea of an "impression wallet": "The point is to gather all sorts of unhackneyed gifts in one system - tickets to cinema, or theater, or concert, or free drinks in a bar or café. It's a good alternative for traditional souvenirs and abecedarian gifts in FMCG loyalty programs. The advantage of such "impression wallet" is that there are no overhead costs for production or logistics; moreover, it ensures total control and recording of gifts, as well as detailed stats by users. For music industry, the "impression wallet" might become a great sales channel with a broad consumer penetration and a simple and clear distribution scheme".


Using NFC wristbands at theColisium Music Week:

Ilya Berezovskiy (GoodEvents) speech at Colisium Ticketing Forum:


Colisium is a music conference founded in 2007 that covers all Russian-speaking area and is held regularly in St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kyiv, Almaty, Moscow, and Krasnoyarsk. Colisium created a professional society together with other international conferences Tallinn Music Week, Vilnius Music Week, Warsaw Music Week, Music&Media Finland, Reeparbahn (Hamburg), Waves Vienna, NAMM Musikmesse Russia.

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Good Events team is a branch of i-Free Group focusing on the development and implementation of NFC solutions for various events in the domains of culture, sports and business. Good Events provides the organizers with standard or custom NFC-based and other contactless complete solutions.

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