i-Free Business Solutions announces renaming and rebranding

May 13, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. – i-Free Business Solutions business unit, dealing with the development and implementation of В2В mobile technology solutions, has announced changes of its name and brand. The new name, i-Digital, depicts more adequately current competencies of the business unit that focuses on digital marketing communications.

i-Free Business Solutions has been founded in 2004 as a team developing mobile marketing services. Since then, it dominated the Russian as well as the CIS market. Among the clients of i-Free Business Solutions, there are biggest Russian banks and financial institutions, media holdings, retail networks, leading industrial corporations, groups of companies and multibrand structures, advertising agencies, FMCG companies.

During this decade, i-Free Business Solutions team has significantly increased its portfolio of products and services. Moreover, in the last years the unit features good financial results and stable performance. However, the name and positioning of the business unit do not reflect the actual market reality and the new business areas. Thus the decision was made to change the name and brand of the business unit.

The new name, i-Digital, derives from the current business unit activities, which include: development and implementation of promotional activities and targeted advertising campaigns in digital environment, featuring data capture and analysis system; analytics for targeted communications; full range of SMS dispatch services; mobile banking; automated marketing tools; creation and implementation of digital communication strategies; development of mobile applications and web sites for marketing purposes.

i-Digital team has at its disposal major equipment that meets most demanding global standards. E.g., the IDP platform ensuring the provision of mobile marketing services is a cutting edge technological solution that provides means for the management of marketing, business processes automation and management of customer relations. Another example is Fastgate platform used for SMS dispatch. It ensures the provision of full range of banking mobile services. Fastgate compares favorably with its alternatives available today on the Russian market, featuring top-tier performance, fault tolerance, functionality and ease of use.

Anton Baranov, Head of i-Digital, commented on the renaming and rebranding: "We have gained vast experience in the implementation of huge technological projects and we are sure that these steps help us to shore up our market positions. In fact, we are now a standalone full service digital company offering digital and mobile technology solutions for key business tasks of our clients. These solutions include creative work, design, market positioning, web development and even BTL. We place an emphasis on the creation of high performing technological basis, on the development and implementation of user-friendly off-the-shelf products and services, on data analysis and targeted communications. Obviously, we as always offer diligent personal approach to our clients' needs, which helps us to work with biggest Russian companies for many years.


i-Digital is focusing on the development and implementation of promotional activities and advertising campaigns in digital environment (taking into account targeting, participants data capture and analysis, marketing tools automation), the development and implementation of digital communication strategy, mobile banking, SMS dispatch, mobile app development.

For more information about i-Digital, please visit www.i-dgtl.ru  

If you have any questions, please contact:

Evgeniya Sharmanova,

e-mail: pr@i-dgtl.ru 


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