SMSDirect changes its name to Digital Direct and announces the rebranding

June 3, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. – SMSDirect, an i-Free Group business unit focusing on direct marketing services, has changed its name to Digital Direct and announced the changes in its brand and status. Digital Direct becomes a marketing agency offering communications with the mobile audience (users of various mobile devices) through all cutting-edge channels: text, voice and e-mail notifications, mobile internet ads.

SMSDirect business unit has been founded within i-Free in 2008 for the implementation of SMS dispatch. Since then, SMSDirect ranks among the leading operators on this market. SMSDirect geographic reach includes Russia and all CIS countries; among its clients, there are more than two thousand companies from various business areas: well-known brands, important media-holdings, network retailers, biggest banks, payment systems, social media, online shops, taxi services, courier services, etc.

During the last two years, SMSDirect team has extended significantly it competencies as well as business boundaries. Thus, the decision was made to change the name, status and brand of the business unit.

Its new name, Digital Direct, derives from the full range of current competencies of the team that offers the services of SMS dispatch, automated phone calls, mobile internet advertising, mobile networks advertising, e-mail advertising.

Digital Direct has at its disposal a full range of digital channels for mobile direct marketing and ensures all kinds of one-way и interactive communications with existing customers and prospects through mobile devices.

Digital Direct possesses cutting edge major equipment. The platform (retaining the old name of SMSDirect) is a hardware and software package that ensures the processing of most important traffic volumes, gathering online statistics and all kinds of analytical data. Intuitive platform interface and handy API for integration of information services with any customer IT systems provide additional benefits to clients.  

Moreover, the platform features a unique possibility of managing all services through the same interface. The customer can create SMS and e-mail campaigns and interactive polls simultaneously, manage all these services and monitor the statistics.

Together with a full-scale reliable and handy service, Digital Direct team offers customer support at any stage of setting up and carrying out communication. Relying on direct marketing best practices and own experience, Digital Direct professionals provide expert marketing advisory support for the creation of advertising campaign messages.

Natasha Nikolayeva, Director of Digital Direct, commented on the change of name and brand: "A great while the SMS channel was the only one to contact mobile users. However, now the situation is totally different: mobile audience has access to the full range of digital channels, which allow us to use all kinds of content. Following these changes, we have significantly increased our customer interaction options, so that the old name doesn't reflect the actual profile of our business anymore. We are confident that our new name will help us extending our market reach and shoring up our leading position".


Digital Direct agency focuses on direct marketing through digital channels: SMS, e-mail, voice communication, USSD, mobile Internet. Founded in 2008 as an SMS dispatch service, the agency then evolved into a full-scale eCRM system. Today, Digital Direct is among the top players on the Russian market of direct information distribution and advertising. Digital Direct has signed direct contracts with all Russian mobile network operators and provides state-of-art technical equipment and 24/7 support. More than 2,000 companies from various industries and business areas are Digital Direct clients.

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