Application center will cheer you up with a new service! in conjunction with i-Free are launching a voice-changing app. is a service that is changing a user’s voice in real time during the call.
The voice synthesis technology is developed by i-Free together with Belorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR). provides fully natural voice conversion in real time.
The voices library contains more than 10 selections and is constantly receiving new updates. You can pick a voice for any occasion: sing a song with Chipmunk voice, prank a friend with a Zombie voice, you name it.
Just turn on your imagination and select one of the characters: Chimpunk, Minx Girl, Zombie, Kitty, Robo-dog, Chatterbox Bird, Kid, Macho and Beast. is changing the voice of a user beyond recognition. In this app you can hear how a Robot would sing a song, or how Beast is telling scary tales. Try asking your friend to help with the homework with a Zombie voice – nobody would dare to refuse.
It’s also a cool way to wish a friend happy birthday. You can do that directly from Application center: just enter the phone number and press “call”.
But be cautious: handle with care. If you prank others, you can be pranked yourself!


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