i-Free Group includes IT-tech companies and start-ups

"NFC Wallet" app

Mobile app ensuring NFC payments. Using this app, it is possible to store bank cards, tranport cards and discount cards in a smartphone. Thus, you can pay for the purchases and transportation by just touching the reader unit on the checkout lane or ticket barrier with your phone.


Convenient tool for optimizing employee catering resources


Developer of smart apps that help you coming to a decision whatever is your scope of action.

Last Backend

PaaS platform for planning, deploying and monitoring server applications. It is an innovative method for the development and implementation of server systems of any complexity.


Mobile commerce. Platform that knits phone manufacturers, retailers and consumers.


i-Digital offers digital marketing services, eCRM, SMS notifications, mobile banking and apps, intractive online technologies, and promotion actions.


Direct marketing through various digital channels, including text messages, e-mail, voice calls, ussd, mobile Internet

"Wallet" video

How to turn your phone into a bank card

Motion Entertainment

Young and audacious studio focusing on the development of mobile/social 3D games. Projects realized: First Wood War, Road Smash, Road Smash 2.

i-Free China

Publishing in China. Full range of localization, publishing and promotion services for mobile apps and game on the Chinese market

NFC movie

Great possibilities of NFC in the modern world


A mobile service that changes your voice in real time during a phone call.

NFC services

Implementation of integrated NFC-based projects. NFC technology consulting.

i-Free Ventures

Seed fund. Funding, training and mentoring of technology companies and projects at early development stages.

i-Free New Media

We assist big Russian companies in implementing new methods of customer interaction with media content.

Zillion Whales

Mobile games publishing and producing

Just AI

Just AI is a company, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language

i-Free Kazakhstan

Providing various types of services based on mobile technology in Kazakhstan. Launch and support of SMS-informing (bulk-SMS), mobile banking, mobile marketing campaigns and more.

Road Smash game trailer

Arcade racing game for iOS and Android

i-Free India

Develop, publish and monetize mobile applications in India, operator billing solutions



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