Football in any Weather

This was the motto of the IT Russia Cup 2013 which took place on June 16 in St Petersburg. Surely, the i-Free corporate football team could not stay away from the event.

From the very morning the sun was shining over the Northern capital of Russia, so the teams which came in advance preferred sunbathing and quiet warming up to intense training.

Little by little spectators  filled the  stands, meanwhile the teams  were casting the lots and getting ready for the matches. At 13 o’clock sharp the referee’s whistle was given and the tournament started.

The i-Free team was in its top shape.

There was no time to warm up; the matches went on quickly and one had to get engaged at once and play with complete dedication against every rival.

In the middle of the tournament it started to rain. The field soaked and it became difficult to control the ball.

According to the results of the group tournament our team got into the silver play-off.

Before the playoff matches the teams had to rest and adjust the tactics.

By that time the i-Free team had formed two interchangeable groups of players, and combinative links were re-affirmed.

The result was immediate. The game went on smoothly, and up to the final playoff there was no problem with the score.

In the final match our team played against a rival familiar by a number of corporate tournaments, the Дом.ру team. In the last game the i-Free team was defeated and now it was craving for revenge.

Having missed a direct free kick in the very beginning of the match, our team managed to recover, and it  took  the lead a couple of minutes before the end. The match ended 2-1 to i-Free.

And another trophy was added to the collection of our sport awards. :)





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