Health Day 2013

The event was merry, exciting and with a huge number of participants. Our colleagues from the Ukraine and Kazakhstan came specially for the Health Day.

The annual Health Day is probably the most corporate event in i-Free. We tell the newcomers about it at interviews, look through photos with great excitement, recall the amusing things that happened  last Health Day and create legends… All in all, HD is what we are waiting for all the  year through! :)

It usually takes place in the form of a team tournament (our old good tradition of joyful rivalry). The teams are either formed on the spot or formed beforehand – and mainly quite randomly. This time we had teams of different business centers.

The Igora resort provided sports grounds around the lake; there was an enormous quantity of food, and then, in the evening, when everyone was back to the city, there were swimming-pools and a party at the Open Bar.



The event was merry, exciting and with a huge number of participants. Our colleagues from the Ukraine and Kazakhstan came specially for the Health Day.



We were getting to the grounds by the Disco – train, which was reserved specially for the company. We had a wonderful time before the tournament, talking and humming to the relaxing  sound of the rolling wheels.



On our way we looked in the windows with a sinking heart, as according to all forecasts we were in for a rainy Health Day…



But  the weather was unlikely to hinder us, for when the i-Free train is on the move there is no way to stop it! Besides, we were given waterproof backpacks and raincoats – the equipment for sport of major achievements. :)



Before the Health Day on our web-site everyone could choose activities that please him/her most:


Beach volleyball:







Water polo on kayaks :



Archery and crossbow:





Giant Twister:








and chess:


The final event was the relay-race with the main prize – the massage chair to be placed  in the office of the winning team.

Our merry train’s arrival  brought about weather change: the clouds dispersed, the sun came out, and after having a snack we started to warm up…


Football players occupied the ground. It was unusual to play on that kind of surface: the ball bounced off unpredictably, the feet  sank in the sand  and got heavy blows…


But the heat of the play and the desire to score an elegant goal killed the pain. :)


At most of the stages the struggle between the offices of the Apriori business centre and Petrocongress was most  serious.  But it is the pleasure and the opportunity to try one’s abilities and strengths what matters, and that’s where everyone did what they could. Some made unbelievable saltos on the trampoline, some did the same jumping into the lake. And there was the chaise longue to rest at the pool or at tables with treats.


Before the final race all around was still. The fans stood along the track, captains were giving their last directions to the teams…


The struggle was hot; in the end the Petrocongress team won and got the desirable massage chair which is now in their office. But the winners are generous and they invite  their colleagues from other offices to  come and enjoy the massage… :)



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