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i-Free China is operating in China since 2007. At first the company dealt with adaptation and distribution of Java games and then focused on Android and iOS apps. More than 100 products have been released to the Chinese market during these years.

Chinese market particularities require that the company should be physically present in the country in order to ensure deep integration with local distribution and billing platforms in a rapidly changing environment. i-Free China employs Chinese engineers and marketing experts and thus succeeded in proving itself to be a reliable partner for mobile network operators, independent app stores, phone manufacturers, mass media and other market players. In 2010, i-Free China was granted the title of the "Best Content Provider of China Mobile". In 2012, i-Free China was chosen as "Strategic Partner of China Telecom". Such companies as Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo etc. preinstall products offered by i-Free on the phones distributed on the local market.


The introduction of a product to the Chinese market includes a range of services:

— deep linguistic and cultural localization,

— integration of local billing and advertising SDK,

— support of the server-end of the application inside China in order to avoid problems due to the connection of Chinese Internet with the rest of the world,

— product distribution through local app stores,

— product promotion both within the app stores and outside (in the media, in the blogosphere, etc.).


i-Free China can ensure all the above mentioned activities by virtue of licenses obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, Ministry of Culture of the PRC, etc.

i-Free China operates in China in compliance with all international standards concerning copyright. Besides, i-Free China can monitor unauthorized distribution of your products; when awarded authorization rights by the developer, the company can prevent or eliminate the distribution of pirated products on the Chinese market.

i-Free is always open for cooperation! For more information about i-Free China, its products and services, please feel free to contact us via means below.

Chinese version of the site: http://www.i-free.com.cn/

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